1. Don’t buy new furniture. Seek out vintage, antique, recycled, restored and reclaimed pieces on websites like eBay Green or Cradle to Cradle pieces from companies like Steelcase.

2. Repurpose old furniture with a fresh coat of no VOC paint like Yolo or Safecoat in great colors.

3. For unfinished items, finish with a natural stain, wax or oil yourself.

4. For a bedroom chair, look for organic and natural textile coverings/upholstery or timber substitutes (like bamboo) or natural latex chair frames.

 5. Avoid products with plastics, synthetic foam, laminates with chemical resins and VOC’s.

6. For fun wall décor, use recyclable materials such as paper posters, postcards, or old magazines to make a collage that can be recycled at the end of the year.

7. Check out local second hand shops and antique stores for unique décor items and things to help you organize. 

8. Think of uses for items you already have from home and repurpose (a vintage glass filled with uncooked lentils can be a pencil holder).

9. Tuck a recycle bin under your desk and feel good about taking eco responsibility.

10. Invest in plants. Plants give you more oxygen and help clean the air.



Articles, Books, + Films

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