Project Green Dorm

Taking care of our planet is a responsibility and a privilege we share. Being green isn’t just about remembering buying organic, shopping vintage or recycling – it’s about a whole eco mindset, a lifestyle, choices that impact your life and our earth. Teens Turning Green is launching Project Green Dorm as our fall initiative to help launch your new green world.

On August 1, we launch the PGD Toolkit on The web based Take Action Toolkit is a thoughtful approach to an age old tradition – back to school. The goal is to inspire high school and college students to green their dorms or living space, school supplies, clothing, and lifestyle. To encourage the importance of an eco-conscious lifestyle in the deepest shade of green.

The “Dorm” is an icon for our living spaces filled with … well everything. The Toolkit is the “checklist” suggesting the green version of everything you need in your living space, lifestyle and for back to school. Whether it’s a buying recycled binders, organic cotton sheets, or certified organic deodorant … chances are if you make one change, you’ll make two and before you know it you will be part of this global "greenswell”.

The choices we make individually and collectively ARE making a HUGE difference. Just look at the stores you shop in every day: many are incorporating green products, business practices, initiatives because of the purchases YOU make as an informed consumer. There ARE greener alternatives for everything on your checklist.

July 30
• The Project Green Dorm Shop, a bricks and mortar replica of the Toolkit opens at the Village at Corte Madera in Northern California (Marin County)

August 1
• The Project Green Dorm Toolkit launches on • Project Green Dorm College Care Packages: Available for orders August 1st


We look forward to hosting back to school events in the Bay Area, New York and Los Angeles.

Our hope is that this unique opportunity will be a catalyst to greening back to school routines across the country. Thoughtfully choosing products is our way of ensuring the health and well being of generations to come. We welcome your support.